Rare Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $90K Value — Plus 5 More Worth Big Money

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Coin collecting, a captivating pastime blending elements of history, art, and economics, unveils a realm where certain quarters rise as coveted treasures.

Amidst the plethora of collectible coins, a few rare specimens stand out, commanding significant value.

Among these, the bicentennial quarter, with its staggering appraisal nearing $90,000, steals the limelight.

This exploration ventures into the domain of prized quarters, spotlighting six exceptional pieces, including the renowned bicentennial quarter, each boasting a fortune-worthy status.

The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter

A cherished possession among collectors, the 1976 Bicentennial Quarter marks a pivotal moment in American history—the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Its allure stems not only from historical resonance but also from its scarcity under specific conditions.

The most prized variants bear the ‘S’ mint mark denoting San Francisco, crafted from 40% silver.

These exclusive editions, particularly in uncirculated or proof states, command staggering sums, nearing $90,000 at auctions.

The 1932-D Washington Quarter

Emerging as a rarity in the coin collecting arena, the 1932-D Washington Quarter, minted amidst the Great Depression, entices collectors with its limited circulation.

Bearing the ‘D’ emblem representing the Denver mint, only a scant number of these quarters were produced.

In pristine condition, their worth surpasses $20,000, a testament to their scarcity and the fervent demand from collectors.

The 1932-S Washington Quarter

Mirroring its Denver counterpart, the 1932-S Washington Quarter emerges as a scarce gem.

Struck in San Francisco, this coin boasts a brief production stint, marking the inception of the Washington quarter series.

In optimal condition, its value can soar beyond $15,000, cementing its status as a coveted piece in the numismatic realm.

The 1943-S Washington Quarter

Distinguished by its composition, the 1943-S Washington Quarter bears the mark of historical context.

Amidst World War II, the demand for metals surged, prompting alterations in coin compositions.

Crafted in San Francisco and composed of silver, this quarter, in mint state, can fetch around $10,000, symbolizing both rarity and historical significance.

The 1950-D/S Overmintmark Quarter

An anomaly in numismatic history, the 1950-D/S Overmintmark Quarter showcases a captivating blend of errors.

Featuring both Denver (D) and San Francisco (S) mint marks due to production mishaps, this coin boasts an exceptionally limited supply, rendering it exceedingly rare and valuable.

Collectors vie to secure these unique coins, willing to pay upwards of $5,000 for specimens in impeccable condition.

The 1964-D Doubled Die Reverse Quarter

Adding to the allure of coin collecting, the 1964-D Doubled Die Reverse Quarter intrigues enthusiasts with its distinctive error.

Pronounced doubling on the reverse side, notably evident in the inscription ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM,’ renders it a rare find.

Coupled with its limited production at the Denver mint, its value escalates to $7,000 for coins in flawless condition.


    The realm of coin collecting unfolds a tapestry of history and allure.

    Rare quarters such as the 1976 Bicentennial Quarter and the esteemed pieces outlined herein offer not just a glimpse into the past but also an opportunity for collectors to possess a tangible piece of history.

    Their value transcends mere monetary appraisal, encompassing the narratives they encapsulate and the legacies they carry.

    For collectors and aficionados alike, these coins symbolize more than currency—they embody treasures, preserving moments in time, each adorned with its unique tale and significance.

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